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oil and vinegar, dance and dying

May 21, 2009

Last night at our IRL poetry group, Jill resurrected an old prompt (Christine’s oil and vinegar prompt). The prompt suggests alternating lines between a joyful personal experience and a distressing one. I used the experience of dancing (which will get its own poem soon, I hope) juxtaposed with my mother’s illness and death.

It just so happened that earlier in the day, I overheard a man talking on his cell phone at the grocery store. He said, “If you let that dog out it better be on a leash or you’ll never catch it.” I instantly knew it was a metaphor I would use to introduce a poem about passion some day. I use it with this piece, but I’m not sure it’s where it will find its eventual home.

While the draft (posted at “i am maureen” for comment/critique) has a way to go and is a mess in many ways (punctuation and layout, for example), the exercise gave me an interesting perspective on the last year. My general impression that I grew luke-warm about my life and lost my zing seems to be false. In fact, I have developed new passions for many things in recent months. I have thrown myself in. The dancing is one example, and so I think that’s why this draft has some potential.

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