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something rusty for “the red poems”

June 19, 2009

How could it have been more than a week since I wrote a poem? Isn’t “the red poems” a poem-a-day challenge? Who takes a week off during a poem-a-day challenge? Ugh.

Well, I have a couple excuses. One is that I was working on my manuscript. The other is that I had my head up my a$$. One of them is a good excuse; the other is just pathetic.

Whatever the reason, it takes a while to get things moving again, so this first one back at the series is a little rusty. So maybe they all won’t make the final cut, whatever that means. I’m writing them to see what they’ve got in them. To quote Jill when I walked away from a revealing poem last time we met: “write through it and see what happens.”

So here’s #5 — “She has her ducks in the road” (even the title’s rusty) — in “The Red Poems: A series of threats.” It’s posted over at “i am maureen;” leave a comment here if you need the password.

Hopefully, there’ll be more poems to come in short order. I’ve been writing notes in my journal for a couple weeks, but I still don’t feel quite myself when I’m not writing actual poems.

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  1. June 22, 2009 5:28 am

    Getting the ms off is huge………and I totally relate to your last line. Tomorrow and Wednesday I’m setting aside for just that.


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