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cape cod has come between us

June 20, 2009

Jill has skipped off to Cape Cod with her family. She left today and won’t be back for a whole week, and so I am pouting. There will be no one to sneak off to the coffee shop with or doddle for hours at the Japanese restaurant with. She may even be without internet access. Who will listen to me fuss about how hard it is to be a sensitive, soulful person in this mother-of-three life? Who will give me tips on upcoming deadlines? Who will make sure I’m writing? Who does this? Abandons her writing buddy to go on vacation with her husband and kids? It’s a crime, for sure.

Since I can’t write with her this weekend, I’ve posted a draft of an exercise we did last time we met for sake (me), sapporo (her) and sushi. We each wrote from the same words: morning glory, husks, sky and rows. I think it was a word group from Sandford Lyne’s Writing poetry from the inside out. My piece is “Metamorphosis” and it’s posted over at “i am maureen” (leave a comment here if you need the password).


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