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yankees vs. red sox, second installment

August 9, 2009

Here’s the second in a 3-poem series January and I are each working on while the Yankees play the Red Sox this weekend. This is the one where we’re not supposed to use the word “baseball.” I didn’t (I noticed I didn’t use it in the first poem, though, either).

I based this one on Friday’s game 2, which I was only watching casually, while I was out for girls’ night in Albany. I wrote most of it yesterday and put some finishing touches on it this morning. I am just now getting a chance to post (it’s been a day — a weekend, actually — of moving stuff out of the studio and finding them new homes here at the house). It’s not very baseball-y (although inspired by watching the game and its persistent score: 0-0), and it’s not extremely flattering, but it’s a draft I may be able to work with, so here it is: “Spending ladies’ night at the sports bar does not settle the score” at “i am maureen” (if you don’t have the password, leave a comment here).

I watched game 3 carefully and am preparing now to watch game 4. I’ll try to get my last poem out of something from one or both of those games.

  1. August 11, 2009 4:52 pm

    Now me, I’m so self-indulgent that all I ever do is whine. You want to set expectations early: if all they get is whining, they never expect anything else. Then everyone’s happy 🙂


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