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august poetry postcard #7

August 10, 2009

I’ve fallen behind posting these, but here’s another installment in the August Poetry Postcard Festival. This is another one that flew off to the West Coast without me (Vancouver, Washington, my postcards have seen you before! Tell them I love them and miss them).

This one is supposed to be a corny dialogue. It started when I asked myself, like a dork, “Where is the poem in this picture? Where is the poem in this picture?” (As though I’d get an answer from some other person.) So I created another person and told her to find the poem. To say the least, it’s not my best work.

Oh, boy it is  … predictable, contrived, forced and dull. Will the poem police come and arrest me, please? (These postcards travel across state lines. There must be some strict regulations I’m violating.) Oy. Anyway, in the spirit of what comes comes in these quick challenges and then goes goes onto the next one, I put it in the mail. (If this a version of “what comes around goes around?” I’m due for getting a clunker in my mail box.)

APF_07 yellow pad


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