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August 11, 2009

This morning, the boys were chanting a “poem” (be sure to read it in a sing-song voice with exaggerated meter; it’s more fun that way):

Whatcha doing? Eatin’ chocolate.
Where’d ya get it? Doggy dropped it.
Where’s the doggy? Behind the door.
What’s he doin’? Makin’ more.

This evening, Davin, who turns six in a week and a half, was singing in the tub:

“All of the hard days are gone.
It’s all beer and whiskey and songs from now on.
Laugh at the darkness and dance until dawn.
All of the hard days are gone.”

It’s a pub song on a “Hair of the Dog” CD I’ve been playing for a week or so in the car. The band is a very popular local Irish band. A lot of bands play the song. I couldn’t find a Hair of the Dog video but click here to see/hear another band playing it. (The embed feature for this video has been disabled at YouTube for some reason.)


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