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journal digging #3 for read write poem

August 12, 2009

I just finished my last poem for the journal digging challenge. I was a bit delayed because of finishing the move from the studio, because I got bogged down reading the journal I found and because I have been suffering an uncomfortable inertia all week. Or my version of inertia, which admittedly, looks somewhat busier than you might expect. I am a type A personality who gets very picky about her failures at time management.

Anyway, here is the last in my “Forage” series: 3. to obtain by foraging. It’s posted at “i am maureen” (leave a comment if you need the password).

This one was assembled from journal observations about wasps and hawks and some expressive arts therapy notes about how the time and space between an event and its remembering shapes and creates memory and how the retelling through art is like a performance. Another reason I was a bit delayed in posting it was because I refused to leave it alone. I kept trying to force it to make more sense than it does. But some of its mystery actually helps in this case, I think, so I’m going to let it sit for a while and resist the urge to tinker.


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