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a found poem for RWP: how to cook

October 6, 2009

One of the groups at Read Write Poem is a found poetry group, and I noticed today an invitation to post found poems on Tuesdays. I haven’t been writing poems at all for a bit, and so it seems like a good compromise, a way to write a poem without writing a poem, a way to get back into it.

So here’s my found poem. It’s from a low-fat vegetarian cookbook I have (the graphic below shows my process; I used the black-out technique to “find” the poem). Of course, only some of it makes sense, but it was fun.

how to cook low-fat (or how to turn your love life around*)

as difficult as you
might think. they’re all
you need. (occasionally.)
(sparingly.) (varieties.)
the following tips help you switch:
you don’t ever have to settle
for boring even if
it is good for you. up the flavor
in other ways. learn to use
mustards, vinegars,
juices and citrus peels,
chutneys, and so on.

use natural techniques,
such as steaming, broiling,
baking and sautéing.
use oils or wine.
it makes more sense to use a little
of a good-quality than a large
amount of a poor-quality.
shop seasonally.
flavors burst. experiment
with your favorite vegetarian.
for example, substitute.
hold goods together.

a huge portion of the diets
of american women
comes from dressing. make
your own. make it a habit
to try. remember: healthful
doesn’t have to mean radical,
dramatic changes in your family’s
plans. start out by preparing
versions of familiar
favorites. crispy shells
and lots of salsa.

shop the perimeter of
the supermarket. that’s where
you’ll find the most
whole. as you shop, remember
a multitude on the market
these days. the high-octane variety.
of course, you aren’t getting
all of the regular kinds
but you’re still eating
an abundance. stick to. be sure.
it’s that easy.

black out cookbook

*I added this alternate title to help me shape the piece into something.

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  2. October 7, 2009 8:42 am

    Curiously effective, coming across as a sort of gastronomic rant! Interesting to see the methodology behind it too.

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