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a new poetry mini-challenge: yikes!

November 5, 2009

I am struggling to write, and I know why. The poem that’s on my mind won’t come out. Normally, I could skip over it, but right now, the trouble is that it’s mucking up the works. Clogging the pipes.

Here’s what has happened: a hunter has found a skull in a local forest. It belongs to a girl who “went missing” in 2003. It is the second skull found in that forest in two years. The first one was found by a hunter, as well. I can’t stop thinking about those girls. And the yet-to-be-found killer. I can’t stop imagining what they must have endured.

I tend to get obsessed with the stories of missing girls (and boys). I do have one poem about it (“The men we don’t think we know,” or something) from the time when the little girl was missing in Florida a while back (Caylee Anthony). In that particular case, the mother was alleged to be involved, but I wrote the poem before that was known. In many cases, of course, a pedophile is to blame.

And while the tragedies make me so angry, my primary response is fear. Even though I am a woman in my late 30’s, not likely to be anyone’s victim, I jump into those girls’ shoes, and it breaks me every time.

I think the writing solution is to write the poem I’m afraid to write, but there’s no quick solution for that. It certainly won’t fit into the time frame of the current November Poetry Mini-Challenge at Read Write Poem. I missed Tuesday’s launch of the challenge. This isn’t the greatest news, since I’m one of the co-authors of the challenge.

In addition to being a bit lost in the forest with those poor girls, I have an October hangover of some sort. The month was a whirlwind, and I can’t quite get my feet back under me. The house is a disaster. I’m feeling cruddy physically. I’m pushing myself (instead of resting), trying to get started as a Zumba instructor and keeping up with my running habit. I’m missing deadlines. I’m procrastinating. I’m not writing.

I will sort it all out, for sure. Right now, I’m doing what I can to help Jo and Jill get out the forthcoming edition of Ouroboros and beginning to work on a book review that’s due in a few days. The poems will come. They always do. But I may miss the current challenge.


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