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finishing up the month with another poem

January 31, 2010

Well, I did it. I kept my streak going through the end of the month. The most recent poem (here at “i am maureen”) means I wrote seven poems in seven days. As you’ll see when you click through, I’m going to stop counting for lots of reasons (though I’ll keep writing and posting).

The poem could be considered an expression of gratitude for my recent time in Portland, Oregon. It references the sun that surprised me on a Monday morning (pictured in this post, the view from my hotel room) after several days of rain. (I’d been warned about — but not deterred by — the rain.) It references the delicious plates of fruit I ate almost every morning for breakfast. It references William Stafford and a poem read aloud at an event (which featured Stafford’s son Kim) I attended with Deb at the Writer’s Dojo on Stafford’s birthday.

Finally, it references two big things: my gratitude that I was able to use the time I had in Portland to jump start my writing practice (which had stalled out) and my fantasies about what we all want: earth-shattering, steamy love in which we are desired as unique persons, separate from — but fed by — the relationship. I know: asking a lot.

So those are the warnings about process notes for the poem. I hope you’ll go see it.


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