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surviving school vacation one poem at a time

February 17, 2010

Sometimes your friends have to grab you by your shoulders, throw you in the shower, insist you get dressed. Sometimes your poet friends have to say, “Snap out of it, woman! Sit down and write a poem. Right freakin’ now!”

That’s the short version of how Jill and I started our Surviving School Vacation Poetry Gong. Starting yesterday (Tuesday), we assigned ourselves the task of writing a poem each day until the kids go back to school on Monday, glorious Monday with its wondrous school buses rising over the hills as though the earth has many, many suns.

Can you tell my brain is a little mushy? Can you tell I’m really romanticizing this back-to-school on Monday thing?

Last night I went to bed before I posted my Tuesday poem (brain. mushy. little.). So I posted it just now at “i am maureen” right here with my poem for today. I wrote yesterday’s poem while I was under the dryer at the hair salon. I wrote today’s while the kids played outside in the snow. They both feel out of voice for me but not out of character. Maybe a mushy brain gives me a new dimension. An upside to being loopy.

P.S. I bought a new journal yesterday and I’m so excited to use it. I always get this way when the replacement journal appears on the horizon. Seven pages left (yes, I counted) in the current journal. Maybe Monday will bring buses AND a fresh, new volume.

  1. February 17, 2010 4:45 pm

    thanks for throwing me in the shower. i really needed that blast of water.

    a new journal? i’m jealous! i’ve been wanting one, but can’t find a good one w/out lines!

    off to read your poems.

    • February 17, 2010 5:05 pm

      and see? i need the lines. whoever said we’re too much alike isn’t paying attention.

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