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writer’s island #1: message in a bottle (notes)

May 2, 2010

I took yesterday off from writing. It wasn’t purposeful. I had no real plan. It was the day after NaPoWriMo, and it made sense. If something had come, I would have listened to it, but nothing came.

Today, I wrote a draft poem for the current Writer’s Island prompt: message in a bottle. During a free write, “message in a bottle” morphed into “spin the bottle,” and so I played with the notes I scratched in that portion of the free write.

The draft is in the post below this one (here) with the password. Many of you know it; if you need it, email me. It’s caroleesherwood, and I’m at gmail.

* * *
Our first prompt for Big Tent Poetry goes up tomorrow! Be sure to come by and see it. You’ll have until Friday to work on your poems!

* * *

So what’s this password thing? Well, it’s not new. Except for special occasions, like NaPoWriMo, I only post drafts with a password, so really, today’s post is just getting back to that habit. What’s different today is that I am posting the drafts here instead of over at “i am maureen,” which I have closed for now. If it works to post the drafts here, I’ll keep “i am maureen” closed. If it doesn’t, I’ll return to her.


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