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there are lots of poem bits buried in my journal

June 17, 2010

One of the things Jill and I are committed to doing this summer is rescuing poems from our journals. We’re both worried about summer (children not in school) squeezing out any inclination we have to maintain writing practice, and so we have decided poems from our journals may be easy targets — something to keep us going when nothing else seems possible.

I’ll password-protect the work I pull from my journal (it’s enough of a stretch for me to have both my Phillips Road series and my letter poems with Beth out in the open). I need to keep some of the poems under wraps in case I decide to try to publish them somewhere. Of course, that requires me to edit and submit, about which I have been very lazy. Still, I want to keep my options open.

(And, not for nothing, I’ve been receiving lots of odd, generic comments on the public posts with poems in them. I’ve been marking them as spam, though they seem to be coming from sites with poems on them. If the comments are “for real,” I assume the visitors will be back. And if they are real visitors and not just spammers, I assume they’ll comment on the work?)

The first one of these “journal mining” poems is posted below this entry. (Leave a comment here if you need the password.) I was supposed to post it yesterday, but I didn’t. So I’m posting it now. It’s a strange angle on a subject. It’s fairly obscure. But I don’t want it to be trapped in the journal any longer. It needs a place to begin. Hence the spirit of journal-mining.


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