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call and response poems with jill

June 19, 2010

I am thrilled that my Phillips Road poems inspired Jill to write You Think Your Clover Are Sad? …A response to Carolee’s poem about sad clover. We had talked about doing call/response poems but hadn’t done it yet.

It’s wonderful to have it started! And I am so delighted to be writing with poetry pals. Poeming with friends is precisely what I need right now.

Though Jill starts her piece addressing me (“I don’t mean to steal your idea/ but the white clover here at 34 Delmar Place/ is feeling neglected, too”), the poem leaves the conversation pretty quickly. That’s because this exchange is different from the letter poems I’m doing with Beth. I see the letter poems with Beth as a conversation between poets in verse; and I see the poems with Jill as one poem/line/stanza inspiring the next, borrowing ideas to pursue/explore in a different way.

Here’s what her zombie clover poem (yes, zombie clover! She’s brilliant!) inspired. I used “zombie” and “moan” to start me off. I’m kind of excited because it’s my first zombie poem; a girl without a zombie poem is empty inside.



*This made me think I need to write a zombie kama sutra. Maybe it’s the gimmick that will make me rich and famous. Zombies are probably an under-served market in the sex-guide niche.

**Cutting Crew’s “I just died in your arms”

  1. June 20, 2010 11:52 am

    Some years ago Shaun Baxter, when he ran an open mic in Schenectady, gave us a Halloween assignment to write a poem with “Zombie” & “Gourd” in it — seems like Schenectady has a lot of zombies (cf. Alan Catlin’s poems).

  2. June 21, 2010 8:20 am

    oh my. the gauntlet has been thrown! i smell a zombie series…unless i can break free from their undead embrace. i love where this poem took you. it’s like the zombies have moved inside, from the front lawn to the bedroom. it is a rather quick progression for the undead, don’t you think. those buggers are getting quick!


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