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so much to tell you

July 22, 2010

And nothing to tell you. I have been away from the blog for three weeks, though it didn’t feel that long. Not really. While I’ve been busy, I haven’t been productive. While I’ve been pondering, I haven’t been creative. I don’t really know exactly what I have been doing with my time.

I can account for nine of the days by telling you I traveled to and stayed in Portland, Oregon, for a personal retreat. It was a great trip, and I did read and write and relax. I refueled a lot. While I was there, you may have seen on Facebook, I read with Tiel Aisha Ansari, Dale Favier and Deb Scott (so much gratitude to Sage Cohen for organizing and promoting it as a Big Tent Poetry event — there was standing room only!). Here we are pictured after the reading:

A lot of the time that’s “missing” from this blog is missing from me, too. I know I spent some of it at baseball games with the kids and my husband. Some of it with friends. Some of it cleaning. I spent some of it, but not a lot, at poetry-related things. I guest-hosted the Caffé Lena open mic for July (click here for the review by Dan Wilcox and some photos).

I have felt a bit disjointed and out-of-sorts. Jill‘s been out of town even more than I have (way up in the Adirondacks, mostly out of Internet and cell-phone range: imagine!), and we are out of the habit of writing. And you know how I panic — it only takes a week or so of not poeming and I believe I may be doomed to a life of silence. What’s been troubling over the recent weeks (months? it seems like months) is that I’ve been wishing more about poetry-related successes than pursuing them. That’s a sure-way to end up disappointed!

So I need to get my poetry house in order. And my other houses, too, as a matter of fact.

But I have missed blogging. And blogging has always been a good indication that I’m getting back in it. Wherever “in it” is.

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  1. July 23, 2010 4:24 am


    busy bee is the name for you 😛

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