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november poem-a-day, day 26

November 26, 2010

The PAD prompt for day 26 is write an “on the run” poem. I thought about how much I love running and began with a list of things I love about it. And then I started to write about other things I love, a “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”-type “favorite things” list.

I tried to merge the two lists, but I haven’t quite managed to do it smoothly. I’d like to try it again sometime — both a favorite things list and also a poem about running — but not a merge of the two. I have an old, old one that is a pantoum. I think it’s a great form for a running poem. But today, no form. Today it is the list poem to the rescue once again!


  1. November 26, 2010 11:47 pm

    Nice list. (It’s a relationship poem again, right?)

    • November 27, 2010 1:26 pm

      well, i wouldn’t put it with my relationship poems, actually. sure there are a couple things in there, but its overall arc isn’t about a relationship. 🙂 now the dead deer poem from yesterday, yes, yes, a relationship poem. 🙂

  2. November 28, 2010 8:37 pm

    Hmmm. Smells like a R-poem to me. And I like it very much.

  3. November 29, 2010 1:29 pm


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