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a river of stones, stone #19

January 19, 2011



for a river of stones.


This went in an unexpected direction. I spent part of the morning chipping ice off the car and a small part of the driveway (I broke both the ice scraper thingy and the shovel and had to stop). But I took a picture of a branch from our pine tree. How she’s burdened with ice right now, the price she’s paying for having green all year. Of course, her boughs are flexible for a reason. And I hope she doesn’t lose a limb.

  1. January 19, 2011 11:40 am

    Lovely comparison between lovers and the trees in your garden. Great photo, too.

  2. January 19, 2011 7:51 pm

    Wonderful, imaginative, empathic poem. I thought our purple smokebush had been taken down for good one winter by the ice, all the way down, frozen flat to the ground. We had to cut her back. And now she is new, full, thriving, glorious…and here, in another winter, to survive.

  3. January 19, 2011 10:06 pm

    I adore everything about this.

  4. January 20, 2011 1:00 am

    What Deb said.

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