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the napowrimo madness has begun

April 2, 2011

At one point, my practical side — which is so quiet I have to lean in to hear it — said, “I’m not doing any poem-a-day thing for NaPoWriMo this year with the full-time job so new.” But the thought of that made my creative side miserable. I have been dying to write more.

And so the mediator in me told both sides they’d get what they wanted: writing and a sane schedule. My mediator-side said, “Your task for April will be to sit down with a prompt or poem for inspiration and free write for 20 minutes. Every day. That will be enough.”

But of course, I wanted more. I always want more.

Yesterday, I knew I was “in” for writing a poem-a-day. I could feel it. Prompts were up. Everyone was starting to do it. I had lunch with Jill, and she said, “Remember when we would write after the kids went to bed? Remember when we wouldn’t want midnight to come without getting it done?”

And so I started.

And some good energy is already building. Of course, it *is* ok if I don’t get a poem every day, just like my mediator said. I just want to write every day.

There are lots of great choices for prompts. While I tidied up my blog today, I added a list of links “NaPoWriMo 2011” in the right-hand column. Those are the sites I know that have prompts specifically for NaPoWriMo. (If you know of others, tell me; I’ll add them!) Those are the places I will be turning to for daily writing inspiration.


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