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Some favorite things: The Portland, Oregon, drinks edition

June 12, 2011

I have been around the world and back in four days. OK. So not the whole world. But the continent, anyway. I left Wednesday evening for one of my pilgrimages to Portland, and I headed home on an overnight flight Saturday.

Maybe someday when I grow up (or after the kids grow up), I’ll get a chance to live there. It suits me. Of course, it could just be that vacation and a variety and quantity of adult beverages suits me, but it’s not *just* that.

However, I have to confess, my list of favorite drinks in Portland, Oregon, grew by two:

1. Ginger Cosmo | Saucebox Downtown on Broadway
2. Idillic* | The Gilt Club on NW Broadway
3. Love Affair* | Mr. Jolly’s on NW Everett
4. Drop Dead Red | Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. on SE Hawthorne
5. Porch Swing Lemonade | Screen Door on East Burnside
6. Streetcar Martini | Jake’s Grill Downtown on 10th

*new to the list

So the Idillic is new, as is the Love Affair (pictured in this post). Interestingly, both are flavored with heat from peppers. I recommend the Love Affair without the whipped cream. (It was messy and didn’t contribute to the flavor. I am talking about the drink only, of course. Deb and I did discuss, as poets will, the metaphor for all that, but as you know, I am a shy girl and couldn’t possibly discuss such things in mixed company. Wink. Wink.)

I had a great trip. Spent time with Deb. Got to see Dale. During the last couple hours of my stay, I even learned that Roma was there, too, though we were ships passing. Both of us thought the parade (photo below) was especially for us.

While I was there, I talked and mused a lot about my lack of creativity and energy over the last few months. I suppose there are reasonable causes. At home, I am in a strange landscape that is only going to get more foreign. I am afraid of the poems that should be written. Portland is a place I understand. And so it helps me breathe. It’s great to have such interludes.

I tell myself each visit (I think this was #6 in two years) that I am going to infuse my Albany life with some of the things I like about Portland. And I’m doing that some. For example, I spend more time downtown than I ever did. And while I am good at taking in the poetry scene here, I need to consume Albany more visually: take more pictures; see more art.

I also need to enjoy food more (and I don’t mean enjoy more food). I need to celebrate the good foods and ingredients around me, and I hope our CSA share is part of that. The first pick-up was the Wednesday I was away, but I will post about this week’s!

UPDATE: I posted a few of the trip photos over at A Fine Kettle of Fish for some visual inspiration. A bunch more will be on Facebook in the next day or so.

  1. June 14, 2011 1:53 am

    Good luck with infusing more of Portland into your home – I hope that you will find a way to write more poems.

  2. June 15, 2011 12:10 am

    It was so wonderful to get to see you!

  3. June 20, 2011 8:36 pm

    The list makes me thirsty and is a sort of poem in itself!

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