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Infusing personal stories

August 23, 2011

I love personal stories, and I love to hear how other people process challenges and emotions – both the everyday variety and the extremes. And I love stumbling upon them in what feel like unlikely places.

I scan a lot of social media articles and blog posts everyday for work. One of the tools I have for this is clicking on links at Twitter. When I found this blog post by branding/marketing/social media expert Michael Troiano, I expected to read insights related to work. I was delighted, instead, to get a peek into what’s been going on inside his head this summer. Here’s a excerpt:

“You need to accept there are experiences you will not have. That there are things you will not achieve. Even if your life is good – and to be clear, mine is – there are a thousand lives you will not live.

“The way you deal with this realization defines your life’s third act. It can cast a shadow on your routine, or inspire you to bold change. It might open you to new experiences, or push you toward the kind of life-shrinking nostalgia that catches up with us all at some point. On a good day it can drive you to become a better man. On a bad one it will send you slinking into a Porsche dealership.”

You all know I’ve been in quiet contemplation a lot this summer, as well. Seeing how refreshing it was for me to read about the mental escapades of another thinking person reminded me why I’ve been blogging and reading blogs (and poems) for so many years.

  1. Suzanne Ayer permalink
    August 23, 2011 11:38 am

    Perfect reminder – needed to read this today. I wil never be an international spy with the CIA.

  2. August 24, 2011 7:35 am

    It was a good day for me to read this, too. “There are a thousand lives you will not live.” Probably a good statement to re-read every few weeks. I enjoy hearing/reading/learning about other people’s thoughts and thought processes too. Especially yours over the past few months–thanks for sharing. Six months ago I separated from my partner of four years, so while your experience and mine are bound to be extremely different, I recognise some similar emotions in some of what you’ve said recently. Hang in there, you come across as a strong individual and it’s clear you have a huge network of support if you need it. And keep writing!

  3. August 28, 2011 7:03 am

    Reminds me why I miss the blogging life! What a great find.

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