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poem-a-day, november 7

November 7, 2011

i have added two new sections. the first i numbered, temporarily “vi, 2” so that i can keep the section numbers matched up with the prompt days. today’s other new section, then, “vii,” corresponds with the prompt for day 7. you’ll also notice i took linebreaks out. they were bugging me. really, really irritating me. so i showed them! they’ll only be allowed back when they can behave themselves.



november 1
write a procrastination poem / write a proactive poem

november 2
write an epigraph poem

november 3
sort of ________ poem

november 4
something unexpected

november 5
write a broken poem

november 6
write an addict poem

november 7
write a “what won’t wait” poem

(links for all the prompts can be found in previous posts)

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