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poem-a-day, november 13

November 13, 2011



november 13
write a poem about kindness*


*when i saw the prompt this morning, i thought it would be a good challenge (and round out the story some) to include a section on kindness and tenderness. but i didn’t manage it. not yet. at least the word “kindness” made it in. it’s been freeing to write every day again. although this is clunky (can’t sustain its rhythm/flow), the practice is picking away at things, kind of like that pesky crow.

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  1. November 14, 2011 8:27 am

    Yes. Productive. So glad you are writing. This series is terrific, lots of treasures to keep, as Crow knows. I like especially the bleeding through the bandages, the move to the river (the breaking moves through this like a small tender child) — sounds so dangerous and risky, yet treasured.

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