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Consider the resources listed on this page neither comprehensive nor an official representation of the philosophy of this artist or studio. However, they contain many valuable tips and solutions and offer interesting, informative reads.


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Encouraging creativity in your kids

Fostering creativity by Maryann F. Kohl

Raising young artists by Skila Brown / includes the difference between arts and crafts, as well as suggestions on helpful ways to talk children about their artwork (more on this below)

Unlocking children’s creativity by Inna Kostina, artist and teacher / includes the difference between creativity and workmanship and discusses the role of teacher

Tips for encouraging children to write by Deborah Shelton

Why is it important to fuel creativity?

10 Lessons the arts teach from the NAEA (National Art Education Association)

On the importance of creativity by Ashfaq Ishaq, Ph D, FRSA Executive Director, International Child Art Foundation / He says, “When children begin school, their level of creativity is evident and often flourishing. By the time they reach
the fourth grade, however, they have become more conforming, less likely to take risks, and less playful or spontaneous than in earlier years. These trends continue throughout the school years and into adulthood.”

What education can learn from arts from the NAEA (National Art Education Association)

What to do with children’s artwork

Suggestions from Kids Craft Weekly

Talking with your kids about their own artwork (These are great places to start when you consider your own artwork, as well.)

Talking to kids about their art from the NYU Child Study Center / This list is quite extensive. Consider one or two for a meaningful — and manageable — conversation.

Five tips on talking to your kids about their art by Linda Carson, University of Waterloo / This is a great place to start, and it includes some things NOT to say.

Encouraging creativity in children from / about the influence of our words and our perceptions on the young artist

Talking to your kids about art in a gallery, museum or book

10 questions to ask your kids about art / Except for the line of questioning focused on “Do you like it?” many of these questions also work when talking with your kids about their own work.

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