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American Sentences

The short version is that American Sentences are 17 syllables. Think back to haiku:
5 + 7 + 5 = 17. I know! I’m anti-haiku 17 syllables and pro-American Sentences 17 syllables. [It’s my blog and it doesn’t have to make sense.]

There are far more authoritative authorities and knowledgeable knowers than I on the subject. Here are some links:

My American Sentences
I have links for pages of American Sentences I wrote in 2007 and 2008 and American Sentences on writing, but here are some more recent attempts:

Thunder already! I’m tired of begging summer for emotion.
(Yes, i know this is two sentences. I’m a rebel. And I’m counting ”tired” as two syllables, even though the dictionary shows it as one. I grew up in the woods. I have no class.)

08/03/09: “Monday”
I start this week just like last week: wondering why I keep on like this.

Heat turns into your mother, repeating the stories that make you squirm.

Another summer rain day, clouds close enough to press your nose against.

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