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Poets I read (online)

My writing partner-in-crime
Jillypoet (Jill Crammond Wickham)

My blogging poet-pals
Balanced on the Edge (Christine Swint)
Mole (Dale Favier)
Orphans of Dark and Rain (Clare Martin)
Peony Moon (Michelle McGrane)
Poefrika (Rethabile Masilo)
Poet Mom (January O’Neil)
Stoney Moss (Deb Scott)
This Year’s Blog (Elizabeth Polkinghorn)
Via Negativa (Dave Bonta)

Other blogging poets
Avoiding the muse (C. Dale Young)
Book of Kells (Kelli Russell Agodon)
Cati Porter
Forgetting the time (Annie Clarkson)
Mark Doty
Modern Confessional (Collin Kelley)
Poet with a Day Job (Melissa Fondakowski)
Poetic Asides (Robert Lee Brewer)
Poetry Blog of 32 Poems Magazine (Deb Ager)
This broken sky (Clare HM)
This is all your fault (Christine Hamm)
Very like a whale (Nic Sebastian)

Poets’ websites
Addonizio, Kim
Agodon, Kelli Russell
Alvarez, Ivy
Cohen, Leonard
Collins, Billy
Doty, Mark
Goldberg, Natalie
Jong, Erica
Marvin, Cate
Stafford, William

Other poetry sites not to be missed
Moving poems

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